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Use from the application or open in the web browser

Web & App Access

Bizappay system is available at your fingertips. Download your app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store now. The application allows your to view the collection of payment that has been made to you.

You can also see your categories and create new category. View your updated collection view for yesterday, the last seven day, the current month and year. More features will be available soon!

Open the system in a web browser and see your comprehensive dashboard (see Comprehensive Dashboard for more info) first of. Use the system easily with our simple interface and navigation.

					​​curl --location --request POST '' \
--header 'Authentication: YjdhMjhlZDgyMGI5YTcxNmY2ZGRlNTRlMGIxMjNiM2QzZDg1N2FiM2YyMzcyZjdjYzI0NTM4OGViZjIxZGFlNg==' \
--form 'apiKey="96248p75-5am4-wgn4-owul-i03907178Fk0"' \
--form 'category="4yWKX9EDjb"' \
--form 'name="Create bill from APIV3"' \
--form 'amount="35.00"' \
--form 'payer_name="ijaz Hazly"' \
--form 'payer_email=""' \
--form 'payer_phone="01234567898"' \
--form 'webreturn_url=""' \
--form 'callback_url=""' \
--form 'ext_reference=""' \
--form 'bank_code="BCBB0235"'

Integrate seamlessly or test it out in our staging environment

Woo-Commerce & System Integration

Systematically built and frequently maintained, our Bizappay for WooCommerce plug-in is ready for you to use at your websites.

Are you a developer? See our API Documentation and explore how to integrate Bizappay to your system to enable payment collection.

Bizappay Sandbox allows you to explore our features and functions free of charge, for unlimited transactions and secure protection without the need to verify.

Bizappay for WooCommerce

View our API documentation & familiarise with our system.

API Integration

View our API documentation & familiarise with our system.

Bizappay Sandbox

Check and test our platform safely before going LIVE.

A summary of the things you need to know immediately.

Comprehensive Dashboard

Open Bizappay in Web Browser and visualize your overall payment collection and settlement history. The calculated statistics will show the amount of collection yesterday and the same day last week, this week and last week, this month and last month, and this year and last year.

Our dashboard allows you to see the current month’s number of transactions, settlement pending or paid, number of bills and categories. See your performance visually in a graph spread over the last six month.

Navigate around to see the number of transactions and settlements pending or paid. Click away to open your category and bills.

Mode of payments

Step up to the next level and professionalise your payment collection.

Online Banking via FPX Payment Gateway

*Upon application. See Payment Method F.A.Q

Credit Card via FPX Payment Gateway*

Coming Soon. Credit Card

Coming Soon. e-Wallets

Bizappay Features

Step up to the next level and professionalise your payment collection.

Category & Bill

Group your payments into categories. In a category, open bills of different payment. For example Horseriding Club is a category and Club Membership is a bill. Group your payments into categories.

Customised Bill

By default, each bill enquires the name, phone & email address. Add up to five custom fields. Enable quantity fields & record quantity numbers. Write in the bill, input image or attach files for reference.

Payment Configuration

Configure the amount to be fixed or opened. Determine whether or not to receive more than one payment (multi payment). For example a Club Membership will have a fixed fee and multiple payments by different members.

Link & QR Code

Each bill generates a dedicated link and QR Code that can be shared for immediate payment, a click and scan away. This link and code record the instances the bill is opened, and whether or not it has been successfully paid.

Payment Page

Each bill opens to a payment page displaying all the information set when creating a bill. The payment page displays the biller and includes an invoice number for technical reference. Each bill opens to a payment page displaying all the information set when creating a bill.


See bill, collection or payment status. An 'Open' bill indicates payment can be made. Otherwise the bill is 'Close'. A collection or payment status shows 'No Action' showing instances when the bill is opened, 'Failed' if payment is not completed and 'Success' if it is.

Automisation using Callback/Webhook URL

Automate actions once a payment has been made.

We realise that you may want to activate several actions upon receiving a payment. Use the Callback/Webhook URL and automate these actions.

Download Report

Get your payments information for further analysis.

Download the collection report on any bill or categories and further analysis according to your needs. Excel sheet containing the payment collection can be downloaded a click away.

Bizappay : Online transaction made simple and secure

Create, track & record transaction in one web mobile application system. Empower your business with all the right tools to accept online payments & provide the best customer experience

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